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Surveillance Services

In the course of an investigation, it is often necessary to obtain evidence that may confirm or contradict a suspicion. Surveillance involves dispatching one of our skilled investigators to monitor a person or situation until your desired inquiry or hypothesis is satisfactorily answered.

Before we begin any surveillance, our first priority is to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine the routine, habits and whereabouts of the subject. From this information, a skilled investigator will set out to execute the investigative plan. Investigators are adept at making themselves discreet, as well as using unassuming attire, disguises and vehicles. They further employ cutting-edge equipment to monitor and record situations at a distance.

The result of the surveillance operation is a detailed report, which often includes video or photographic evidence to confirm the investigator's conclusions. As always, you can rest easy knowing that our methods are thorough and completely within the law.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is one of the costliest and most common crimes, even in an otherwise lawful society like the United States. Insurance companies try themselves to reduce the amount of fraudulent claims in order to keep costs down for all consumers, but their efforts alone are often inadequate for what has become an industry-wide problem costing millions of dollars each year.

Insurance fraud generally consists of exaggerated or even completely false claims of damage. InfoTactic Group is able to help investigate claims to determine their veracity and merit. We work both with established insurance companies, as well as the self-insured or third-party agents. Our investigators proceed diligently, thoroughly and professionally to deal with any type of insurance claim. Their conclusions and the evidence they provide is often the key component in verifying a claim and deciding the ultimate outcome of a case.

Intellectual Property Protection

The twenty-first century is the age of information, and with it the intellectual property (IP) of individuals and companies has become one of the most valuable commodities we hold. In recent years, theft of intellectual property has risen dramatically all over the world and has been made easier by the speed and ubiquity of the Internet. Most experts believe that the global economic impact of piracy is upwards of half a trillion dollars, including billions in lost revenue to individuals, corporations and government. It is less well known that terrorist groups have also begun using profits derived from global piracy to fund their illicit operations.

The most widespread form of intellectual property theft results in counterfeiting. It is common to see such pirated items as computer software, films and music sold on street corners or even in stores, alongside counterfeit clothing, household products or virtually any other manufactured item. Brand names, endorsements and logos of prominent companies are also used without permission to dupe consumers, often with costly and detrimental effects to the individual or company.

InfoTactic Group employs investigators skilled in uncovering counterfeiting operations and other illicit activities. Our investigation can help detect unauthorized appropriation, manufacturing, distribution and sales of your intellectual property. We maintain a thorough database of investigative assets and continually scan and research Internet resources to locate offenders no matter where they operate.

Matrimonial/Divorce Investigations

A number of clients come to us with suspicions that a loved one is involved in an affair. However, a mere hunch is not the same as proof. Our matrimonial investigation service can help you confirm or negate any suspicion you have that your significant other is committing adultery. We do this in the form of detailed reports that will establish "Inclination and Opportunity." In many cases, our investigation actually reconfirms the initial confidence and love you felt before the suspicions grew. In others, the hard photographic or video evidence included in the report can make it easier for you to take control of the situation and determine the proper course of action. It can also help lead to a more advantageous divorce settlement, putting you in a position of confidence when negotiating the final agreement.

Due Diligence/Background Investigations

InfoTactic Group takes advantage of its professional investigative staff to conduct a wide range of intelligence gathering and due diligence operations. Our trained investigators can perform a detailed background check that includes, but is not limited to, criminal, civil, asset, employment, property-owned, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, professional licenses, business association and DMV records. We have at our disposal numerous databases to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision. In necessary circumstances, our investigative staff will also retrieve records from various courts in New York. A comprehensive investigation, which includes all of the above, can be conducted quickly, discreetly and economically. We strongly defend our claim on being the best Private Investigation company in New York.


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